Big Winter 2017 Clearance at Fabric World George

fabric world winte rclearance
Fabric World George Winter Clearance
Fantastic news from Fabric World. The Big Winter 2017 Clearance is now on at our shop in George. More than 180 rolls of beautiful winter fabrics are now marked down from 25% to 30%. This promotion is valid while stock last.

Clearance on Winter on Fabrics in South Africa

fabric world winte rclearance

We can send your purchase to you anywhere in South Africa. Shops, designers, clothing manufactures and persons making their own items from home are all welcome! Some of the fabrics on the Big Winter Clearance include the following.
Jersey Knit (Black and White) 150cm Now only R79 p/m
Venetia Knit (Floral ) 150cm Was R67 Now R47 p/m
Slub Knit (Wine) 150cm Was R85 Now R64 p/m
Slub Knit (Navy) 150cm Was R85 Now R64 p/m
Acrylic Jersey Knit (Grey) 150cm Was R105 Now R74 p/m
Milano Knit (Black/ Pink Floral) 150cm Was R110 Now R77 p/m
Milano Knit (Black/ Roses) 150cm Was R105 Now R79 p/m
Cut & Sew (Turq/ Black) 150cm Was R89 Now R63 p/m
Ponti Roma (Black/ Grey) 150cm Was R85 now R60 p/m
Ponti Roma (Dusty) 150cm Was R66 now R50 p/m
Ponti Roma Knit (Purple) 150cm Was R64 now R45 p/m
Melange Cut and Sew (Black) 150cm Was R75 Now R57 p/m
Fancy Melange Cut & Sew (Light Silver) 150cm Was R95 Now 67 p/m
Spandex Knit (Orange) 150cm Was R69 Now R50 p/m
Stretch Lace (Vintage Peach) 150cm Now only R70 p/m
Stretch Lace (Purple) 150cm Was R55 Now R39 p/m

fabric world winte rclearance
Visit our shop, Fabric World in George for more information or contact us via phone or e-mail.