Sewing Accessories from Fabric World George


Sewing Accessories from Fabric World George
There are many handy sewing accessories and tools for making sewing easy from Fabric World George.

  1. Plastic Point Turner – turning/pushing out corners
  2. Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape – can be applied directly onto a surface for convenient and efficient measurements
  3. Seam Gauge – Measure precise bottom, side, shoulder, armhole and neckline seams. Great for dressmaking, quilting and even knitting.
  4. Quilters Holding Clips – keeps fabric in place without using pins
  5. Needle Grabbers – grip stuck needles and pull it through fabric with ease
  6. Magnetic Smiley Seam Guide – Attach to the metal throat plate on a sewing machine as a guide for straight stitching

Visit our shop in George for these and many other handy sewing tools.

Phone Number: 044 874 7632
Address: 76 Market Street, George (in the George’s Walk Arcade)