The Importance of Using Good Quality Thread

The Importance of Using Good Quality Thread

Thread is a very important part of sewing as it can have a big influence on your final product, yet quite often not much thought is given to this small component. Various different types of thread are used for different applications like cotton thread for quilting and stretch thread for swimwear.

There are a couple of ways to test the quality of thread to ensure even sewing and to avoid breakage, messy and frizzy stitching.

Look out for the following signs indicating that the thread is not of good quality.

  1. The spool of thread feels bouncy
  2. Many fibers fanning out from the strand
  3. Tug Test – if the thread breaks easily it is bad sign
  4. Unevenness – uneven thread might hinder sewing performance

Never underestimate the importance of using good-quality thread. At Fabric World George we stock a wide selection of thread brands and colours for different applications. All thread in stock is SABS approved! If you are not sure which thread is the best option for your sewing project just ask us. We will gladly assist!

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